October 2018

Massimiliana Smith joins CMi2i as Head of Debt Intelligence Services.

CMi2i announces that Massimiliana Smith is joining the company as Head of Debt Intelligence Services. Massi was previously with Nexum ID and Thomson Reuters, and over the last ten years has worked with issuers and their advisors analysing over $100billion worth of bondholders in the secondary markets on both corporate actions and Debt IR Activities.

CMi2i’s debt intelligence team is the most experienced in the City of London and provides a full suite of debt services through forensic identification, intelligence and insight, investor targeting and engagement, agent services and proxy solicitation.

Mark Simms, CEO of CMi2i said:

‘Public information on debt is largely outdated and insufficient. Now that the world is entering a period of rising interest rates, we believe that there will be significant restructuring required within the debt markets and knowing precisely who the owners of that debt are is going to be essential to both corporates and their advisors.’
For further information contact

Mark Simms +44 (0) 203 824 1450
Massimiliana Smith +44 (0) 203 824 1450

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